We've seen it all too often..."Do you recognize this person?" or "This person just walked up to my door, and stole a package left by [insert courier service]." Followed by a picture or video of the person taking the package.

As online shopping becomes more common, unfortunately, the scumbags change with the times. They're on the lookout for packages left by mail services. Some (most, it seems) will steal your goods in broad daylight.

As in this video, a package is spotted by the potential thief, who pulls over in front of the home. He gets out, and I guess you can call that a run, over to the package. He grabs it, and waddles back toward his car.

That's when the owner of the home, and the rightful owner of the stolen package comes out of the house. He throws the package back into the yard, but that wasn't satisfying enough for the potential victim.

The owner of the home then runs up to the car, and reaches into the window. As the car drives off, he's knocked to the ground. Then he walks back into frame of the camera...A BAG! Presumably with some form of identification in it.

Sweet justice is served!


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