Boy, do I have a Bigfoot story for you. Actually, it's a baby bigfoot story from a guy that claims he saw one in the Missouri Ozarks.

Full disclosure: I was born and raised in Missouri. I feel like that gives me a license to laugh at my home state when I want to. That being said, it's safe to say that things are done a little differently in the Missouri part of the Ozarks. Understatement of the year maybe.

Before you laugh too hard, this is no Bigfoot story told by just anybody. This comes direct from Animal Planet. That's big-time TV right there. Here's how they described the story in a nutshell:

A couple claims to have witnessed a baby Sasquatch perched upon a tree on their farm in the Ozarks.

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I will admit the guy telling the story seems believable. He saw the baby sasquatch sitting in a tree, then lift up its arms and drop straight down before it ran off into the woods.

My biggest problem with this guy's story is he calls it Bigfoot when all of us born and raised in Missouri know that the big hairy monster in our state is Momo. That's seriously our version of Bigfoot so if he doesn't call the thing a mini-Momo I'm not buying it.

I would highly recommend that you check out the guy's full story. He does seem like a down-to-earth fella that believes he's telling the truth.

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