It appears that the Oscars were boycotted by many in Acadiana. Last night, about halfway through the Oscars, we updated our Facebook status with the question: "For those watching the Oscars, what has been your favorite moment so far?" Many of the respondents admitted, adamantly, they they refuse to watch the Oscars.

Of the over 60 responses, there were 7 who listed something they enjoyed about the show, and a few of them were negative about some of the content.

KTDY Facebook Oscars

Gwendolyn listed a few moments that she enjoyed, then ended her comment with

It’s so political I don’t even know why I continue watching these award shows. It’s out of control on all levels. Gwen - Facebook

Another response mentioned that they watched the Red Carpet portion, but not the ceremony itself.

Gina was particularly upset about the jab that Jimmy Kimmel (the host) took at Vice President Pence. To paraphrase, Kimmel said that Hollywood doesn't make films like "Call Me By Your Name" for money; Hollywood makes them to upset Vice President Pence.

KTDY Facebook Oscars

According to, Oscar ratings were (by early estimates) lower than last year's event, and those were at a 9-year low. Could last night's ceremony make it  10?  If you ask our Facebook fans, it appears the the numbers are (pardon the pun) right on the number!

The most common reason given for not watching: politics.

My favorite comments were from Yvette: "Watching Rolling Stones on LPB instead" and from Sonya: "You asked.. They answered.. Pahaha".

My question: were the Oscars ever "wholesome"? Was there a time when you actually enjoyed watching?

Many people believe that the whole "political statement" trend started with Marlon Brando refusing to accept his Oscar for The Godfather in 1973. He sent Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American, to refuse the award on his behalf. Brando was boycotting the awards ceremony (and refusing to accept the award) because of the way Hollywood portrayed Native Americans in film and television, and because of America's failure to honor treaties and agreements made with Native Americans.

I think we can agree that Brando's efforts were for a worthy cause. To be fair, there are many other worthy causes that celebrities DO promote, donate to, and try to bring to light. It appears that it is the political jabbing that most people here in Acadiana can't take any longer.