Opeth have premiered the first song from their upcoming album, Sorceress. The title track debuted on BBC Radio’s Rock Show With Daniel P Carter over the weekend and can now be heard in the lyric video above.

Opeth’s Sorceress album is the band’s first since 2014’s Pale Communion and the third consecutive full-length with no guttural vocals by frontman Mikael Akerfeldt. The band’s love of prog rock has taken a front seat in the past two Opeth records and the track “Sorceress” steps even further into ‘60s and ‘70s occult territory.

"I find that once again we've taken a step forward. Or sideways, Or backwards. Somewhere!? It's different! It's extremely diverse,” Akerfeldt says about Sorceress. “And if I may say so myself, extremely good. I feel the right to say that since I like to think I know this band better than anyone on the planet. Also, I always manage to detach myself from the record and listen as a fan.”

He adds, ”It's a fine little record. My favorite in our discography right now. Of course. That's how it should be, right? It's both fresh and old, both progressive and rehashed. Heavy and calm. Just the way we like it. Hopefully there'll be others around the globe sharing this opinion. It was a joy to make it. A f—ing joy to record it, and a sheer joy listening to it. So there you have it!"

Listen to Opeth’s “Sorceress” in the player above! Opeth’s 12th studio album will be released Sept. 30, and can be pre-ordered in various bundles here.

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