The Opelousas Police Department says that if the city continues to receive threats from clowns they will consider canceling trick-or-treating within the city limits.

Chief Thompson says that the city's number one priority is the safety of children during Halloween and if they continue to get threats uwithin the city, they will shut down trick-or-treating.

According to KLFY News, the city of Opelousas has received a number of threats within the last four days.

While many think that the pranks and threats are all in fun, some simply do not want to take the risk of subjecting their kids to these clowns.

Chief Thompson says that if they do have to cancel trick-or-treating in neighborhoods, they will allow kids to get candy at the tourist center in Opelousas.

We hope that these threats/pranks stop across Acadiana. A number of teenagers have already been arrested for threatening other's and we certainly do not want to see kids not have some Halloween fun.

We'll continue to follow this story.

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