30-year-old Darrian Guillory of Opelousas now needs a lawyer after allegedly pretending to be one in order to get access to meet with an inmate.

According to a press release from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, Guillory pretended to be the inmate's attorney on January 26th, asking to speak to the inmate due to a court proceeding that day. Investigators with the Corrections Section say they found that Guillory had visited the inmate pretending to be a lawyer three separate times.

According to the press release, "during court, Guillory was seen sitting in the seats for the public and not where the attorneys sit, which raised suspicions. A corrections deputy also overheard when Guillory approached an attorney. He was told to sit in the audience until his name was called."

Guillory has been charged with 3 counts of Penalty for Unlawful legal Practice

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