Every year there are thousands of people who travel to Louisiana for our culture, food, and festivals. We are a hotbed of musical talent, and a go-to destination for music lovers. So, it was no coincidence that The Discoverer picked the jewel of St Landry parish as one of the most underrated cities for music lovers. We are not surprised.

In 2000, Opelousas was designated the official Zydeco Music Capital of the World. Now, Plaisance might be home to the Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival, but so many of our most well know zydeco musicians hail from Opelousas, or surrounding areas. Clifton and Cleveland Chenier, and of course, Rockin' Sidney Simien, who is actually from Lebeau, but has the million selling single 'Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot'.

Check out the video below from a zydeco concert at the Institute of Musical Traditions in Rockville, Maryland. Jeffrey Broussard's family is from Opelousas, and he is performing with his band The Creole Cowboys. The other underrated cities for music lovers are below, but we know you want to start right in the heart of St Landry parish in Opelousas


  • Cremona, Italy. Birthplace of Stradivari, who invented the most famous violin in the world, the Stradivarius
  • Glasgow, Scotland. A mecca for bagpipe lovers
  • Puno, Peru. Home to the amazing music festival, Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria
  • Opelousas, Louisiana, USA. The Zydeco Music Capital of the World


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