Civic leaders in two Acadiana communities have made changes to their curfew orders. The curfews in many South Louisiana towns and cities have been put in place to help maintain and enforce Governor John Bel Edwards Stay-at-Home order during the coronavirus pandemic.

After having curfews in place for several days, if not weeks, leaders in Opelousas and Jeff Davis Parish have decided to amend the curfew hours.

In Opelousas police have adjusted the citywide curfew to be in effect from 10 pm until 5 am each evening. In Jeff Davis Parish the curfew hours are now from 9 pm until 5 am each day.

In both communities, there are exceptions to those curfews. The curfew excludes persons who must travel during that time period for work or for essential business. The curfew also excludes emergency personnel and first responders.

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