Two Acts that were passed into law after the last session of the Louisiana Legislature now allow you to get alcohol delivered to your home.

Businesses with existing liquor licenses can now apply to the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control for the permit allowing them to deliver alcohol to your home.

There are some restrictions. First, only businesses with existing licenses will be allowed to apply for the permits.

Second, the only way the delivery of alcohol is possible is if it's "factory-sealed".

Additionally, if you plan to apply for a permit, your business has to have an already existing physical location.

Officials with the Louisiana ATC say they believe they be able to grant permits by the first half of August of this year.

The Commissioner of the ATC says,

"We are developing the rules required by the new laws so that deliveries can begin as soon as possible. Our main concern is ensuring that businesses continue to sell and serve alcohol responsibly."

Via Acts 433 and 436 passed by the Legislature and signed into law, third-party vendors will now be able to fill your request of alcohol to be delivered to your door.

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