There seems to be a bit of a boom of new businesses opening right off of I-49 in Opelousas.

Add one more to that growing list.

According to Developing Lafayette, Ollie's Bargain Outlet will be opening soon in the former Stage retail space off of I-49 on the service road in Opelousas (5597 S I-49 Service Road to be exact).

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Google Maps

This will be only the second Ollie's Bargain Outlet in the Acadiana area. The other is located at 5700 Johnston St in Lafayette.

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Google Maps

Ollie's is a discount chain that carries a wide range of closeout merchandise, including food, housewares, toys and even major appliances. And as Ollie's say, they're prices are "all up to 70% off the fancy store prices!"

There are around 450 Ollie's Bargain Outlet stores nationwide.

The reviews for the Lafayette store online seem to generally be satisfactory. We stumbled across one from Robert M. and it read as follows:

First time in the business. The building was clean and well organized. Everything was good prices, and grouped very well. Since the building is located in with other business, in a MALL setting, it was easy in and out and should be well lit at night. Prices, overall, were about half what a regular store would have been.

There has not been an opening date revealed yet for the Opelousas store.

According to Developing Lafayette, the construction project just started within the last month. The speculation is, however, that the store will open sometime in the fall before the holidays.

To learn more about what Ollie's Bargain Outlet has to offer, visit

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