Let's keep the Mardi Gras spirit alive in 2021.

The Scott Business Association is asking residents and businesses in Scott, La. to decorate their buildings/homes for carnival season.

By now you know that Mardi Gras parades and Marid Gras balls have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that shouldn't stop us from keeping the Mardi Gras spirit alive in Scott and in all places across Acadiana.

For those within the city limits of Scott, there will be a decorating contest for business and residences. Judging for businesses will be on Friday, Feb. 12 starting at noon and residences will be judged Saturday, Feb. 13 starting at 3 p.m.

Have some fun by decorating your property this Mardi Gras season and remember to always eat your favorite King Cake while doing so.

By the way, for those who wish to participate in the decorating contest in Scott, you can submit your photos to sba@scottsba.org.

Happy Mardi Gras!!


Ways To Keep The Mardi Gras Spirit Alive

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