Local shoppers are buzzing on social media over a 50% closing sale at the Northside Walmart.

Early this morning I saw numerous friends posting about the 50% off sale at the Northside Walmart so I decided to give them a ring and an associate did confirm that the 50% discount sale is happening.

To quote him he actually said: "Yes, you can barely walk in here."

Earlier this year it was announced that due to poor performance the Northside Walmart location (Store 534) on Evangeline Thruway would be closing by March 29. On March 10, the official FB page announced a 25% off sale and today the 50% off sale began.

According to the associate, the 50% discount is applied to your TOTAL ORDER, not the individual items. If you're in the area expect heavier traffic conditions and if you're in the store shopping expect to deal with long lines and large crowds.

We couldn't confirm if the discount sale would increase before the store closes on March 29 but for now, the 50% discount sale is happening until further announcement.

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