A non-profit organization in Abbeville was recently vandalized and burglarized. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help recoup from the losses and damage.

The Free Store on North Lamar Street opened this past June. It is a non-profit store that provides free products to those in need in the Abbeville area.

Sabien Brown via Facebook

According to KADN, Sabien Brown, a 21-year-old Abbeville resident, realized that the pandemic was causing some people to lose some income or, in some cases, lose their jobs completely. He decided to do something to help those in need, so he opened the "Free Store". Most of the items in the Free Store are actually free, donated by generous people who share Sabien's vision and willingness to help.

“It’s for people that either have trouble affording a lot of household goods and some people that can't afford it, but even more than that is just, there's no real program to get, like, just hygiene products or toiletries or just household goods like there is with food,” - Sabien Brown, via KADN

The Free Store offers hygiene products, shoes, clothing, some canned goods, some baby products, kitchen items, and other household goods.

Sabien Brown via Facebook

This past week, someone broke into the Free Store. The suspect(s) gained access by smashing through a window.

Once inside, the suspect(s) vandalized the facility, wrecking shelves and causing other damage.

Sabien Brown via Facebook

Also, the suspect stole several items, including tools that are used to help with community projects and the store's air conditioner.

Sabien Brown via Facebook

If you know anything about this crime, you are asked to contact the Abbeville Police Department with any information.

If you can help the Free Store, please do. You can donate through the GoFundMe site.

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