Bon Jovi fans can be forgiven for wondering if their heroes will one day join the likes of Queen, Elton John, the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen in the growing trend of rock-focused movies.

Jon Bon Jovi shot that down during a Q&A session aboard the Norwegian Pearl, as the Runaway to Paradise concert cruise continued in the Mediterranean.

“I loved Bohemian Rhapsody,” Bon Jovi said. “Loved it. And I loved Yesterday. I thought that was another different take on the same thing. But now I think that thing is done. It’s the same reason Bon Jovi never did a Broadway jukebox musical. It’s been done. I loved the idea for Bohemian, then Rocketman was different and Yesterday was completely different. I haven’t seen Blinded by the Light. I’d love to see how they'd use our songs, but it’s been done – so, oh well."

Asked who might portray him if this kind of film ever happened anyway, Bon Jovi quipped, “I was thinking Angelina Jolie could play me."

Bon Jovi performed a string of covers during a featured on-board concert, including favorites from the Rolling Stones, Bob Seger and U2. But when it came time to admit which other artist’s song he wished he’d written, Bon Jovi initially picked Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.”

“There are so many,” Bon Jovi added. “I wish I’d written ‘Pride’ by U2. I wish I’d written ‘Born to Run,’ I wish I wrote ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Yesterday’ and every other song the Beatles ever did. Ten different Stones songs.” After a pause, he added a seemingly off-the-cuff track: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

That was no coincidence. Bon Jovi closed out his Tuesday storyteller performance with Cohen’s song, which rose to wider fame after being covered by Jeff Buckley in the ‘90s.

A bout of stormy weather between Barcelona, Spain and Palma, Majorca, forced a string of rescheduled events, shifted venues and cancellations. Most notable was Bon Jovi’s acoustic storyteller performance, which was set to be held in ship's spacious pool-side area.

Sixthman's production crew ended up moving Bon Jovi into a theater, and adding a second showtime. Seats were allotted based on muster stations, and both performances were simulcast throughout the ship. Otherwise, the Runaway to Paradise cruise went off without a hitch.

“It’s true,” Bon Jovi joked before his Wednesday night concert aboard the Pearl, “I brought the rain to Spain."


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