Earlier this month, Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy spoke to Indie Power TV; among other embittered sentiments, he claimed that Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is a “second-class citizen” who never thanked McCoy for rescuing him from a near-fatal heroin overdose back in 1987 (when Sixx was only 29 years old). Now, Sixx has responded to McCoy's recent comments.

“I saved the guy’s life, and he makes up stories,” initially McCoy stated in reference to Sixx’s books (which include 2007’s The Heroin Diaries, 2011’s This Is Gonna Hurt and 2021’s The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx). Of course, the incident is also documented in Mötley Crüe’s 2001 memoir, The Dirt.

Now, Sixx has taken to Twitter to call out McCoy for his accusation(s), claiming that the guitarist only told half of the story. Just after 2:00AM on Aug. 14, Sixx tweeted:

Naturally, Sixx has received dozens of reactions thus far, and they’ve been mostly supportive (if sarcastic). For instance, user one Twitter follower commented: “I keep a decades-old list of people I’ve helped who haven’t thanked me, too. I mean, why else help a person in need if not for the juicy, groveling ‘thank you’?”

On a more serious note, another Twitter poster clarified what they saw as Sixx’s intention: “Nikki’s point was you don’t get to play savior when he was apart of the problem. Yes nikki took it, but with out access to it, it would have been way harder for Nikki to maintain that kind of addiction.”

As of now, Sixx hasn’t answered anyone in the Twitter thread, and McCoy hasn’t replied to Sixx.

Also, Motley Crue are currently on their North American "Stadium Tour," and you can get tickets here. As for McCoy, his newest solo LP, Jukebox Junkie, arrived on Aug. 5.

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