Nickelback had grand plans for 2015 and while they plowed full steam ahead through the early part of the year on the road, a vocal issue for singer Chad Kroegerhas now thwarted their tour plans for the remainder of the year.

In June, Kroeger was diagnosed with an intracordal cyst on his voice box and was ordered to undergo surgery to alleviate the situation. The group canceled all of their summer North American tour dates, but still intended on returning this fall for their European trek. However, doctors have determined that Kroeger needs an extended recovery period and now the rest of the band's touring for 2015 has been shuttered.

In a statement at their website, it's revealed, "Nickelback is forced to cancel all remaining dates for the 2015 No Fixed Address Tour due to an extended period of vocal rest ordered for lead singer Chad Kroeger. Kroeger, who was diagnosed with an intracordal cyst on his voice box in June, recently underwent surgery and must remain on vocal rest as ordered by doctors for the next six to nine months in order to fully recuperate. Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase."

It's also revealed that while the medical team is pleased with the results of the singer's surgery, he needs an extended period to heal completely. “Most of all, we are sorry to miss our fans out on the road this fall, but Chad’s health, healing and full recovery are what is most important right now," state the band. "With the proper amount of time, we hope to have him back stronger and better than ever before. We thank everyone for their support and understanding during this time and look forward to getting back out on the road and playing music for everyone again real soon.” The band's fall tour plans included extensive touring of Europe, the U.K. and Russia.

Nickelback have been promoting the No Fixed Address album, and even with their absence from the road, the group recently released a video for the single "Get 'Em Up" from their album.

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