America loves football, but no one loves the Pro Bowl. The NFL's annual all-star game is the undisputed lowlight of every postseason, as fans tune out the contest in which the league's best players often give only half an effort. To remedy the Pro Bowl's ills, the league is considering implementing elements of a game show into the game, including naming captains to pick teams and paying incentives out to players for big plays. Wonder how the New Orleans Saints feel about that one?

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the NFL wants to “make it so every single minute of the game has some sort of thing that’s going to keep fans interested and engaged.”

Does that mean fan voting on plays like the audience was playing Madden? A giant wheel of receiver names? Alex Trebek as the referee? We surely don't want to see Peyton and Eli Manning in a dance-off.

Fans don't care about the Pro Bowl because there's no drama. Unless the losing team is going to be fed to alligators on live TV after the game, most football fans aren't going to care enough about the Pro Bowl to watch it.

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