One name that has been synonymous with football and the NFL has been the legend John Madden. From his days as a coach to his days in the booth as a color commentator to being the face of the video game franchise John Madden left a huge mark on the game. And sadly it is being reported that the legend has passed away at age 85.

The NFL made the announcement late Tuesday afternoon. The game and the world itself lost a great man. However, John will be remembered forever whether as a coach, a father, a broadcaster, or a video game legend.

Social Media's Reaction To John Madden's Passing

I can never thank John Madden enough for getting me into football. Without his Madden game, I don't know if I personally would've found football. From his amazing commentary to the video game John Madden's impact will never be forgotten. Prayers to his family and loved ones in this trying time.



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