Will pass interference be a reviewable penalty next season? Will they change it to 15 yards instead of spot of foul? These are questions that may be discussed.

The NFL Competition Committee is meeting in Florida next week. There could be a number of proposals on the table. One of them being about pass interference.

I'm sure you remember a number of controversial finishes in the NFL last season. Instant replay will most likely be a big discussion that will be had, if it's not THE main topic.

Troy Vincent, the NFL's executive vice president for football operations threw out a couple of ideas. One discussion he suggested was that pass interference calls would be a reviewable play in the future. The other was instead of a spot of the foul penalty, pass interference would be a 15 yard penalty.

Vincent also cautioned that any big change may undermine the game officials, and the players as well.

"We must keep in mind that officials and players are moving at game speed, and those of us who are making decisions on rules have the luxury of slow-motion video," Vincent said. "Sometimes game speed and rule changes aren't always compatible."

Do you think pass interference should be a reviewable penalty? Should it be changed to 15 yards?

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