New York City has had enough.

Watch as a huge tractor (bulldozer) rides over and smashed 100 dirt bikes and ATVs in New York.

The bikes and the ATVs smashed here were confiscated by police when those riding them were on public streets.

We have seen numerous videos in recent months that show people riding these types of bikes and ATVs on roads and even interstates across the country.

Well, New York City has sent a clear message to those who own such and the message is, if they confiscate your bike, chances are you'll never ride it again.

Check out this wild video.

Here's another video of the mayor waving the checkered flag to begin this process.

As you may expect some applauded what the city did here, while others thought that they went too far with this.

If you recall, we recently reported on people riding their dirt bikes and ATVs across the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, and here's the viral photo from a few weeks back.

Joe Ray Gauthier
Joe Ray Gauthier


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