We have our own treasured traditions here in the United States, and we wouldn't dream of celebrating the New Year without them. In the South, it's black eyed peas for good luck, and cabbage for money in the upcoming year. And of course, we Americans think its fantastic to drop an 11,865 lb Waterford Crystal ball in Times Square at midnight on December 31. In some other countries, festivities are..... different, and some of them are downright weird! Check out some of the more colorful New Year's traditions around the world from our friends at Discovery.com. Some of my favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list of fascinating ways to celebrate.


In Johannesburg, South Africa - throwing old furniture out the window is a must


In Italy, South America, and Spain wearing red underwear to ring in the New Year will bring love, happiness, and prosperity


In Columbia, if you want to travel more in the upcoming year,all you have to do is grab some empty suitcases and run around the block with them


In Ireland, for good luck, bang bread against a wall


Danish people throw plates and glasses at the doors of neighbors' homes. The more broken bits you have outside your door, the more friends you have....so they say


In Russia and Siberia, take a plunge in a frozen lake with a tree trunk in hand


All of these might sound a little crazy, but most traditions have a little bit of uniqueness to them, and we wouldn't dream of starting out in the new year without them! Pass me the black eyed peas, please...





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