A new TSA fee that will be tacked on to your airline tickets will essentially be used toward the national debt. It won't be used for added security.

So, you'll be required to pay more for TSA fees, but you'll still get the same ole treatment, and groping that you had before. The added fees won't be used to hire more agents, or for new technology to make your air travels safer. They'll actually be used to pay off the Congressional over-spending.

Traditionally, the TSA fee added to all airline tickets has been used to pay for the costs of federalized security in the airport. Those fees have ranged from $2.50 per connecting flight or $5 for a round trip ticket with a cost cap of $10 per trip. With the new increase, though, travelers will pay $5.60 in each direction no matter the number of transfers, or $11.20 for a round trip. That doubles the security fee on a non-stop round trip ticket. Passengers with long layovers could pay even more.

There are those in Washington and beyond that oppose the TSA fee increase. There are also those who say it's "just a tax".

Do you agree with the new TSA fee increase?

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