In the world of great internet memes, this new meme is gonna be the hottest thing on the world wild interwebs!

I introduce you to the 'sloth-face- meme!

To make a sloth-face meme is pretty simple: you take a photo of someone's face, and mash the eyes, nose and mouth together in Adobe Photoshop.

If done correctly and slowly, you should have a face that resembles a face of a sloth! Below and to the left are some examples of the 'sloth-face'. To your left, it is an image of Luke Slothwalker!


This is Tony Sloth, also known as Iron Sloth!

Here is one of Slodo from The Sloth of The Rings!

Don't forget about Neil Patrick Sloth!

And, last but not least, The Dude Sloth from The Big Lebowski!

If you think this is great stuff (come on, you know this is internet gold), check out more sloth-face memes at BuzzFeed!