An alarming new report is claiming teens are getting drunk on hand sanitizer. It's VERY dangerous and landing kids in the hospital.

Now, before you start in on me with the whole "Oh thanks for bringing attention to this so kids who have never heard of it can start trying it" routine, know that I have a teenager at home. I haven't heard of this until now, and I'm glad I have. I consider you  family, so as someone who wants to help you keep your kids safe, I'm making sure YOU know about this, not making sure your kids do.

It doesn't take very much to intoxicate a teen, and hand sanitizer contains up to 70% ethyl alcohol, that's roughly about 160 proof, which is TWICE the amount of your average vodka.

Ingesting hand sanitizer can do irreparable damage to internal organs.

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"Obviously kids can get very intoxicated very quickly because of the intense alcohol content and them not realizing that just a small portion can cause them to get acutely intoxicated," said Emergency Department Director at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, John Gray.

Symptoms from ingesting hand sanitizer vary from "Winding up with diarrhea, memory loss, internal organ damage, and a lot of times it's irreparable," said Kight.

One way you can stop your kid's temptation to give a try? THREATS. Well, threats AND, switch to the foam hand sanitizer. You can also buy alcohol-free sanitizer.

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