Have you ever wondered how cities are selected to host what is commonly referred to as "The Big Game"? It's a sales job. That's it plain and simple. A committee from each city that wants to earn the right to the huge economic boom for the local economy meets with the NFL and they make a pitch. Those pitches for the 2019 Super Bowl will happen today. 

The city of New Orleans will be competing against cities such as Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa. Their hope is to win the bid from the NFL owners. The last time New Orleans hosted the Super Bowl it was in 2013. You might remember the lights went out. While that was a pretty big deal, one NFL insider doesn't think that will affect the way the owners view the Big Easy.

Since it's all about money and television ratings how the network broadcasting the game is treated has a lot to do with this bid as well.

Everyone at the network was incredibly thrilled with the different locations, the way we were able to have sets throughout the city. It plays well on TV, it’s a big event city, it’s a destination spot.

Those are the words of Jason La Canfora who works with CBS Sports dot com. His comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Canfora goes on to explain that New Orleans might get the sentimental vote from league owners as well. Since Tom Benson, the owner of the Saints, is 88 years old this might be his last chance to host a Super Bowl. That will probably figure in to how some of the owners cast their ballots.

Chances are it will take several ballots for the eventual winner to be decided.

They kind of go through rounds where they have everybody there and everybody gets voted on and then they start dropping off. I suspect it takes several go-throughs before they ultimately settle it.

Regardless we should know the outcome by later today and one city will be celebrating the news with dollar signs in their eyes.


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