Quinn Early played wide reciever in the NFL from 1988-1999, spending more time with the New Orleans Saints than any other team. Early starred and started for the Saints from 1991-1995, putting up solid numbers.

While in New Orleans, Early reeled in 270 receptions for 3758 yards and 25 touchdowns. His best season as a pro came in 1995 when he led the Saints in receptions (81), yards (1087), and touchdowns (8). He left for Buffalo in free agency following that season, spending 3 years with the Bills before ending his career with the Jets in '99.

As awesome as Quinn Early was during his NFL career, everything he's done post football is just as cool.

Kung Fu? Check.

Action movie actor? Check.

Stunt man? Check.

Early is a part-time actor and stunt double, starring in Louisiana filmed movies such as Olympus Has Fallen and The Baytown Outlaws. (Check his imdb profile here)

He is a perfect fit for action movies. You'd think it was because of his football career. You'd be half right.

The main reason Early is tailor made for action movies comes from his current job as a Shifu. For those not well versed in Shifu (I wasn't before researching for this article), it's the Cantonese word for "Kung Fu Master". Early teaches kung-fu in San Diego for White Dragon Martial Arts. He's also written for Inside Kung Fu magazine. (Check out one of his published articles here)

Too often sports fans only hear about the former pro athletes who have filed for bankruptcy or gone to prison. In the case of Early, he's kicking butt on the silver screen and in the dojo.