The good folks at Haydel's Bakery in New Orleans know a thing or two about tongue-in-cheek pastry creations.

You may recall this was the bakery that famously ribbed at the no-call in the 2019 Saints NFC title game by putting the image of the goofed-up referee on cookies.

The bakery is back at it as they've produced cakes shaped like toilet paper rolls. Of course, Haydel's co-owner Dave Haydel says the bakers aren't making fun of the health issue that has cost 10 lives in Louisiana thus far.

“It’s just anytime something in the city happens, we’ve garnered the reputation for making light of bad situations,” Haydel told

“We made a couple of them as a joke a couple of days ago and they sold immediately,” he said. Then 10 more were scooped up the next day, he said.

If you want one of these delightful creations, today (Fri, March 20) is your last day. The six-inch round almond cakes, priced at $26.03, will only be available one more day because the bakery's walk-in service will discontinue for two weeks with respect to coronavirus social distancing.

Baked goods will still be available for delivery via the bakery's website.

Haydel says there has been no negative reaction to the satirical cakes. "Everyone who's seen them says, 'Thanks, I needed a laugh.'"




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