A new state law in Louisiana will protect those who recuse kids or pets from hot vehicles.

Under this new law, which took effect Aug. 1st, a good Samaritan will be protected by the law when they bust a window on a vehicle to rescue a kid or animal from a hot vehicle during extreme temperature months.

The bill was introduced by State Sen. Troy Carter from New Orleans.

Now, we should note here that this new law does not shield the "good Samaritan" from any injuries the pet or kid sustains as a result of a car break-in. Also, if authorities rule that the "break-in" was not necessary, charges can still be filed against the person who breaks the window.

Remember, if you see a child or a pet in a locked vehicle and they appear to be in danger during the hot summer months here call authorities right away and get as much information on the vehicle that you can.

We hope you never have to use this law in your defence.

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