Congrats to New Iberia for coming in at number 1 on Forbes ‘America’s Prettiest Towns’ List! We’ve always known what a great place New Iberia is, now the whole world is about to know of our secret.

A trip to New Iberia – just outside the Avery Island area where the McIlhenny Tabasco factory is located – might be just the sort of pilgrimage needed to spice up your next trip. Take a tour, dodge a gator, or just stock up on Tabasco at their Country Store. “This is the Old South, with some great plantation homes (you can tour the exquisite Rip Van Winkle Gardens), and some lovely little diners where people still speak Cajun,” says Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad. Whether you arrive by car or fanboat – it’s hard to resist the pull of real down-home southern Louisiana bayou cooking and culture. Just kick back and enjoy the heat.

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