FMQB is out today with a report about new music from the Blink-182 camp. "Bassist/singer Mark Hoppus says that the group is committed to deliver the still-untitled, self-produced set to Geffen Records on July 31, with a single due on July 3. However, the trio is still not finished recording all the songs.

"Travis [Barker] is tracking drums right now," Hoppus told Billboard.com during a conference call with reporters. "Tom [DeLonge] is finishing guitars and vocals on some stuff. I'm finishing guitars, bass and vocals on some things. We'll be working probably through July 31." DeLonge then quipped, "We'll probably actually drive it to the [Geffen] president's house at two in the morning and hand it through his bedroom window at the last possible minute."

As for the single, Hoppus said there are "three or four contenders," and they are waiting for the songs to be finished before making a final choice. "Travis is still tracking the drums on those," he noted, "and once we get those songs mixed it will determine which... will become the first single, 'cause a lot can change when you add drums to something. A song you thought was the one might not be the one, and a song you weren't sure about comes up."

The band did promise to debut some of these new tunes during the Honda Civic Tour, which begins on August 5 and wraps in mid-October. Blink plans to continue touring following the album's fall release, and their recently postponed dates in the U.K. and Europe will take place in the summer of 2012.

As for what this new material will sound like, DeLonge explained that, "We have these songs that are total throwbacks, exactly what people know Blink is. Then we have songs... that are madly different and experimental, songs that are prog-rock Blink music, taking a Blink song but (adding) stadium rock qualities to it. I really think we have a tremendous, diverse palette. We will have the album that I think is really modern and relevant to where we are in our career."

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