To their roster of original movies, shows, documentaries, shorts, interactive specials, video games, and dessert topics, Netflix is venturing into yet another category: The world of trivia. They have announced that starting on April 1, they will begin offering Trivia Quest, their “first daily, interactive trivia series.” There will be 30 daily episodes in April to start.

Episodes will feature 24 multiple choice questions — 12 “standard” and 12 “hard” — in  “categories including science, history, entertainment, sports, art and geography.” Here is the trailer for the show, which gives you a sense of what it looks like:

As evidenced by the brightly colored and immediately recognizable “Willy” character, the show is inspired by Trivia Crack, the popular trivia app that’s been downloaded more than half a billion times since its creation back in 2013. Unlike your standard game of trivia, Trivia Quest involves a story; Willy is working to free people from “Trivia Land.” Answering correct questions earns you keys to unlock their cages.

According to Netflix’s website, the new trivia show will be available on “all supported devices, including smart TVs; streaming media players; game consoles; computer browsers; Android phones and tablets; and iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.” So you won’t need to play (or watch) on your phone to check it out.

The new show arrives a little under a year since Netflix first announced they were expanding into the world of streaming gaming; the first batch of games went live in November on certain mobile devices. Trivia Quest premieres on Netflix on April 1.

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