I always thought the luxury suites at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome weren't available for riff raff like myself. It turns out that any person with the right amount of cash can rent one. It might not be the most luxurious. It might not be in the very best location to watch the game. However, it's still a luxury suite and that carries a lot of prestige and might be the only way you could get people to join you at the ' Dome when the Saints play the Jets.

Based on my observations and research you could rent a suite, limited availability, for the low low price of $21,000. That does include 20 to 24 tickets and two, yes two parking passes. So, if you're all riding together you better be coming in a clown car or you won't all fit.

Oh, that $21,000 price only gets you one game. If you wanted the suite for the whole season you would be looking at an approximate outlay of $170,000. If you happen to win tonight's Powerball drawing you could more than afford that suite. In fact, you could rent 1,797,619 suites for the season. I don't think the Superdome has that many. But if they did you could rent them.

It seems to me the Powerball method is the easiest way to acquire a luxury suite at the 'Dome. It sure beats all that hard work, those sleepless nights, that savvy investing, and that whole being responsible thing.

Yet, we do ask that if you play the Powerball you do play responsibly. The jackpot tonight is $302 million. The drawing is a 9:59 PM. Your ticket will need to be secured by 8:59 according to the rules.

If you win, I'd be honored to be one of the few people who would actually go to watch the Saints play the Jets.


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