April is National Donate Life Month. Throughout April, the Donate Life team, organ donor families, recipients, and healthcare workers encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. It’s also a special time to honor those that have saved lives through the gift of organ donation.  Friday, April 17 is National Donate Life Blue & Green Day. Blue and green are the official colors for organ donation and those two colors are a reminder that every day is an opportunity to make life happen. On April 17th, everyone in Acadiana is encouraged to wear blue and green and share the message of Donate Life and organ donation. We want to show Donate Life America that ACADIANA is proud of our heroes.

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Donate Life America has a photo contest that everyone is invited to participate in. All you have to do is share your blue and green photos here. Share the photos between April 17th and April 21st. Several categories are available for the contest such as kids/teens, adults/family, home/garden, pets, food and art, and virtual groups. They will give $100 Amazon gift cards to the top 10 photos.  Winners will be announced on April 29th. Your photos can be of anyone wearing blue and green, or of any surroundings that are blue and green. With the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is encouraged to create the perfect photos from their own homes. Let’s show Acadiana pride and represent Donate Life Louisiana by sharing our blue and green photos.

This is a day my family loves to participate in to celebrate and honor our hero, my son, Christian Shay Nelson. Christian was an organ donor almost 7 years ago and saved the lives of 4 people, gave sight to 2, and enhanced the lives of many. Ironically, his birthday is April 20th.  We celebrate his birthday in the same month we celebrate organ donation.

My family, along with many others, are grateful for LOPA, Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency.  LOPA’s purpose is making life happen. From the time of donation to transplantation, LOPA works very closely with donor families.  They honor and celebrate heroes whose final act was to save or enhance the lives of others.  LOPA manages the Louisiana Donor Registry and plays a vital role in educating our Louisiana communities about organ donation.

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