Robert Bigelow made a billion dollars in real estate. He then took his money to space and says aliens have definitely visited Earth.

Bigelow did an interview with 60 Minutes, and was asked if he believes in aliens, if he believes aliens have visited Earth and more.

He explains what inspired him with the idea of space travel and aliens as a child through a story that allegedly happened to his grandparents. After he made a massive amount of money, he was able to live out his childhood dream and put his money toward a space program.

NASA caught wind of what Bigelow Aerospace was doing, and granted his company a $17.8 million contract to create an expandable space habitat that would be connected to the International Space Station.

I'd say this gives him a pretty good insight into extra-terrestrial happenings on Earth. Also, there's a pretty interesting document that 60 Minutes received that kind of gives credence to Bigelow's claims.

Here's what Bigelow had to say about aliens:

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