NASA has been teasing all weekend that they made a big, historic discovery on the surface of Mars. Well, today they have announced that they have discovered liquid, salt water on the present-day surface of the red planet.

NASA has many missions on Mars, including the Spirit and Opportunity rovers as well as orbiting satellites. Around 5 years ago, NASA scientists have noticed dark streaks running down some of the Martian mountain slopes. They thought it might have been soil and dust from the winds on the planet.

For a more scientific explaneation, this is from NASA's official website:

These downhill flows, known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), often have been described as possibly related to liquid water. The new findings of hydrated salts on the slopes point to what that relationship may be to these dark features. The hydrated salts would lower the freezing point of a liquid brine, just as salt on roads here on Earth causes ice and snow to melt more rapidly. Scientists say it’s likely a shallow subsurface flow, with enough water wicking to the surface to explain the darkening.

For more on this amazing discovery, visit NASA's website by clicking the link below.

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