The Lafayette Police Department is confirming that there were three separate shooting events that happened between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lafayette Police Sergeant Robin Green says the first shooting happened in the 600 block of Pershing Street. The person who was shot was treated at a local hospital for non-threatening injuries.

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In this first shooting, the victim told officers that he had been shot by two unknown men. This shooting happened at around 7:42 Tuesday night.

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The second shooting happened moments later in the 100 block of General Macarthur Street. Green says two people who were just standing around say they heard several shots.

To their horror, they realized after a few moments that they had been hit with bullets. Thankfully, again, the injuries sustained due to being shot were non-life-threatening. The two were taken to a local hospital to get treated. These two people were shot at around 7:46 Tuesday night.

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Things settled down until about 12:19 Wednesday morning when another person was shot. This person was shot multiple times but is said to be in stable condition at a local hospital.

The third and final shooting happened in the 300 block of Verdun Street. The woman says she was simply standing in her house when she ended up being shot through the front door.

Green says investigators do not believe that the three shootings are related. She adds that each case is actively being worked on by Lafayette Police Department detectives.


If you have any information on any of these shooting cases, you are asked to do the right thing by sharing the information with law enforcement. While some people are very uncomfortable doing that there are several ways to anonymously give information.

You can download the P3 app and give information anonymously that way. You can call Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS (8477).  The other way is by dialing **TIPS(8477) on your phone.

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