A day after the announcement was made that a deal had been struck between Lafayette Consolidated Government and the UDC to move the controversial Alfred Mouton statue from its base in Downtown Lafayette, cranes arrived at the statue's site on Saturday morning ready to take it away.

Crane Moving Mouton Statue, Townsquare Media
Crane Moving Mouton Statue, Townsquare Media

Opponents of the Mouton statue's presence being in Downtown Lafayette began speaking during the 10:00 hour, including President of Move The Mindset Fred Prejean, a group that was unwavering in their push to have the statue taken away.

WATCH BELOW as the prayer service ahead of the statue removal takes place (video courtesy of our news partners at KATC:


Also speaking at the ceremony was Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, who had this to say:

This day is a historic day in Lafayette. This is a day that starts a process of healing for our community. Let's talk about process, we honor our community, we did not come and just take down a statue, but people came together to organize this, and I am proud of our community. I have never been more proud of Lafayette. Our greatest days of Lafayette is ahead of us. Lafayette, Louisiana, stands for dignity and equality."


Then, the cranes began to move the Alfred Mouton statue off its base.


Where is the statue going? That location is not known yet.

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