Many of us have had the pleasure of visiting South Dakota's most famous monument, but did you know there's a secret chamber on top of it?

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Mount Rushmore's Secret Chamber

It may not be like the National Treasure movie but it's still a pretty cool story as to how that secret chamber came to be. For more information on the Hall of Records click here.

For a video on this secret room, check out the link below from Business Insider.

From Frybread to Pheasants - Here are South Dakota's Official State Things

Every state in our nation has chosen things that represent the state in one way or another to be official state things. Like a flower, or animal. South Dakota is no different.

The Mount Rushmore has a state flower. But did you know we also have a state tree and a state fish? Yes, we even have a state code.

Here is what we have so far in Wyoming. Thanks to the South Dakota Secretary of State's Office for the info:

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