What an emotional moment.

Watch as a Northshore mother, who lost her son in an accident in 2020, meets the recipient of her son's heart donation.

Maria Peters Clark finally got to meet the New Iberia teen who now has her son's heart in his body and yes, for the first time she even got to hear the sound of her son's heart beating again.

The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency set up the meeting for the two families and it recently happened at a restaurant in Metairie.


Jean-Paul Marceaux, the young boy from New Iberia, had his first heart transplant when he was just 2 years old, then a second one just recently.

As you'll hear in the story HERE, the two families who never met agree that they are now one.

As for Jean-Paul, he hopes to one day get active in sports, specifically baseball, and ride his bike.

If you'd like to become an organ donor, you visit LOPA for more information.

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Here's more of the story about how these two families became one after a young man lost his life.


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