Reports say that a 70-year-old mother was arrested after refusing to leave her daughter's hospital room following a brain surgery. The woman spent roughly 24-hours in jail, but said that she was not sorry for forcing authorities to take her away in handcuffs.

As a former Deputy Sheriff in Ohio, Lynn Savage understood that there would be consequences for her decision to not leave her daughter's hospital bedside. Savage's daughter, Amber, had reportedly suffered a stroke and as a result required brain surgery.

Amber was partially paralyzed and could not communicate, so the doctor asked her mother to go into the ICU room to help her daughter stay calm. Eventually, visiting hours were over and the nurses asked Savage to leave. Lynn Savage refused, per the report.

The reports says that after hours of security officers pleading with Savage to leave, authorities arrived and ended up taking the mother away in handcuffs. She spent about 24-hours in jail, but told reporters, "I would rather be there (in jail) than know that I had walked away from my daughter".

Facebook via WDSU News

Many on social media began giving their opinions on the story. You can see some of those comments below.

While some sided with the hospital and the decision to arrest the mother...

... others supported the mother's actions.

This story just goes to show how powerful a mother's love really is. While Savage knew very well she could be arrested for refusing to leave, it seems as though her conscious would not allow her to leave her daughter during a time of need no matter the consequence.

See the report from WDSU News below.

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