When it's camping season in Montana, here is quick checklist for things you may need to pack:

Toilet paper...Check

Beans and weenies...Check

S'mores... Check

Machete... Check

Hockey Mask...Check

When Friday the 13th rolls around and you happen to find yourself in Montana you can have a little fun with an overnight stay at "Crystal Lake."

For those not familiar with the Friday the 13th movies, Camp Crystal Lake is the home of crazed psychopath Jason Voorhees.

According to Wikipedia

In the original Friday the 13th (1980), Mrs. Pamela Voorhees stalks and murders teenagers preparing Camp Crystal Lake for re‑opening. She is determined to ensure the camp does not reopen, after her son Jason drowned in the lake, due to the negligence of two staff members.  In Friday the 13th Part 2  Five years later, a group of teenagers arrive at Crystal Lake to set up a new camp, but Jason murders them.

With that in mind, doesn't an overnight stay at a Crystal Lake Campground sound like fun?

Visting Crystal Lake near Lewistown, Montana

According to Visitmt.com

Crystal Lake Campground is located on Crystal Lake in the shadow of Mt. Harlow at an elevation of 5,700 feet. The 28 campsites are large, secluded, and widely spaced. This is an excellent family campground not only because of the lake, but also the large network of trails.

Thankfully, Montana's Crystal lake is not the home of an actual summer camp complete with teenage camp counselors. It is simply a high elevation mountain lake with a quaint little campground.

Just don't forget your hockey mask!

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