Every Monday morning, we bring your deepest anonymous confessions to the airwaves for what we like to call radio group therapy.

The confessors remain nameless, but the confessions are real—and the situations are usually complicated. This week's Monday Morning Confession is no exception as this anonymous listener found herself "ghosted" by a guy that she has kept in the friend zone for the last two years.

I had a guy in the friend zone for the last couple of years who has pretty much stopped talking to me. Like, I'm not blocked on anything, and from what I can see on socials, he doesn’t have a girlfriend… but he never answers. And when he does, it's short answers like “wow” or “haha.” I miss him so much … probably more than any other guy that I was actually ever involved with. I've had friends say I should bring it up with him but I would feel awkward making a bigger deal about it because we were never really involved like that. If anything, I’m the one who set boundaries. But this situation has me depressed because we were so close and now he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence.

Did she miss her chance to hold on to what she is missing from this guy? Has he moved on with another love interest? If you've got any advice, feel free to call the show (337-234-1079) or drop her a comment with your thoughts and hot takes.

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