Like many of you, I have been really annoyed by the love bugs this season. Now, did you know this mixture works when it comes to getting rid of love bugs by your door or on your patio?

At the peak of "love bug season" I sweep love bugs out of my house twice a day. Yes, they find their way in.

If you want to eliminate these pests from your doorway all that you have to do, according to this Facebook post, is fill a cup or bowl halfway with water and then add some baby oil to the surface. Oh, using a white bowl helps attract these pests to the mixture.

As you can see here, the love bugs get into the water and can fly away because the oil weighs them down---then they drown.

Disclaimer, if you have pets in the area do NOT let them drink the water!!! Take precautionary measures.

Give it a try and see if it works!!



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