Reports are saying that two Mississippi men happened upon a vehicle with the keys inside and a sign on the windshield that read "free car". Apparently the men decided to give the car a spin but, after arriving at their destination, they discovered a naked dead man in the trunk.

It wasn't until after two Mississippi men had arrived at their destination that they found something shocking in the trunk of a "free car" that they were driving.

Nikola Johnny Mirkovic via Unsplash

But, before thinking of checking the trunk - these men found the sign on the windshield of the car with the keys inside. Per the report, that was all they needed to decide to take the vehicle for a spin.

Once finally parking the vehicle, the two men discovered a dead body in the trunk. They immediately contacted local authorities, who identified the deceased as 34-year-old Anthony McCrills according to the report.

Jan Mayer via Unsplash

Some commenters on social media had interesting insight on the incident.

Many thought the men who took the car should have seen the warning signs of something being off.

Others pointed out that if things are too good to be true, they usually are.

Many wondered how the scent of a dead body did not alert the men that something was wrong.

Whatever the circumstances may be, these men saw a vehicle with a sign on it that said "free car", so they got in and started driving.

See the full report from WSB-TV on Facebook below.

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