I did a quick search on the real estate website Zillow and found over a dozen homes for sale in Acadiana with an asking price of over $1M!

There were more than 12 "hits" (the red dots on the map) when I set the price range between $1M and $2M dollars, but some of those hits were for property only, or large tracts of property with modest 2-bedroom homes.


One of the homes that stood out to me was one for sale right on the Vermilion River in Lafayette.It's a 4-bedroom, 7-bath crib with a pool, outdoor kitchen, sauna, wet bar, and a 2-car garage.

The asking price for this home is $1,999,999 and, the last time it sold (which was in 1997), it sold for $220,000. That's some serious appreciation!


I was looking into purchasing this home but, when I saw the picture of the kitchen (above), I decided against the purchase: the home doesn't come with a rice cooker (or a bank willing to lend me the $1,999,000 I would need to complete the purchase after my $1,000 downpayment).

Anyhoot, I guess I'll need to adjust the search parameters to find something I can afford!