You're hungry. What's quick? Microwaving! But... what to do with all that 1.5 minutes of extra time? Watch a video on the microwave!

It's called a μWave, and according to techcrunch, it's "part microwave, part TouchPad, and part Arduino. The μWave automatically fishes around YouTube and plays back a video that’ll come to an end right as your food is finished.

This lovely little hodgepodge was built by a group of students for the University of Pennsylvania PennApps hackathon, where they went home with the gold (plus $2500 and a chance to pitch their project to Google NYC). It uses an Arduino to tap into the microwave’s countdown, pings a server for a well-performing video of the appropriate length, and then pushes that content to a TouchPad.

Wonderful. Check out the Demo video below (and remember: they only had 2 days to build this):

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