We're about a month and some change away from the start of the NBA season. Right now we see a lot of foreign-born players in the EuroBasket tournament. One, in particular, is Mavericks guard Luka Doncic. Doncic is poised for an MVP-like season for the 2022-2023 NBA season. However, he will be facing more than defenders this upcoming season.

According to trademark attorney and contributor to the Boardroom, Josh Gerben, Doncic has entered a legal battle with his mother over the trademark of his name. Sometime last week Doncic filed paperwork to cancel his mother's trademark of Luka Doncic 7.

Doncic has been a professional athlete for a long time now since he was 16. Early in his career, his mom was in charge of a lot of his business dealings. Doncic allowed his mom to own several of his US trademarks including LUKA DONCIC 7. Well now that Doncic is a man he wants his trademarks back.

Doncic's mom appears to not have relinquished the rights to his trademark thus legal action was required. Hopefully, in the legal proceedings, Doncic's mom will relinquish the trademarks or Doncic will have to cancel her claim to the trademarks and then proceed through the legal process.

Either way, this is a sad situation. You hate seeing a mother and son having to resolve these issues in court. Hopefully, Doncic and his mom can get all this solved amicably.

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