Just before Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti was preparing to kick off the first tour with his solo project Tremonti, he found out the bassist Brian Marshall would be unable to join him on the road.  Enter Wolfgang Van Halen, who agreed to step in for the tour.  Less than 24 hours later, Tremonti's first show was in Coventry, R.I., and now behind the scenes footage has been released of the events leading up to that concert.

The video shows the band practicing in Eve to Adam's rehearsal space, at sound check before their first show and a band interview where Tremonti discusses how nervous everybody is. There's even footage of the band making their way from the bus into the venue, and ironing out a couple last minute technical details before hitting the stage.

Tremonti's first song 'Wish You Well' is shown in part along with other performance footage. The behind the scenes video wraps up with the band high-fiving the crowd as they wrap up their set and exit the stage.

The band's first live gig was well received, as was Van Halen. “I introduced everybody and I told the story how 24 hours prior to this he had no idea this was happening and we’re onstage together right now,” explained Tremonti. “The crowd immediately started to go ‘Wolfgang, Wolfgang.’”

We covered Tremonti’s next show in New York City on Sept. 12. Check out our review and photos here.

Watch the Tremonti 'Story From the Road' Video

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