These are busy times for Mark Tremonti. The guitarist extraordinaire is balancing two projects, currently working in the studio with Alter Bridge while trying to keep the momentum of his solo self-titled band still going during their downtime. Tremonti offered a pair of status updates, one in written and the other in video form, on both of his acts.

As for Tremonti, yes, the band is off the road for the moment, but the outfit has something to tide fans over until they can play more shows. A teaser video clip for the non-album cut 'All That I've Got' has been released. As the clip shows, fan demand from the band's shows has necessitated the track getting more attention. The trailer starts, "It has been found. The people demanded it, and it's all that we got …" What follows is a furious, quick-hitting collection of performance shots and as the video fades out, the numbers "04.16.13" flash suggesting when the track will arrive as a single.

'All That I've Got' is one of two songs that Tremonti regularly played in their recent sets that didn't make the band's debut disc, but it became quite clear that it was a favorite among fans with each performance.

On the Alter Bridge front, Tremonti also checked in with a written update on April 9. He stated, "We are officially moved into the studio. Pre-production starts today for AB4!" The guitarist has recently revealed that the band hoped to record into the summer, then tentatively hit the road in September for a tour.

Watch the Tremonti 'All That I've Got' Teaser Video

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