It's no secret that guitarist Mark Tremonti and singer Scott Stapp have had their share of differences over the years. In fact, Tremonti recently admitted he hadn't spoken to his Creed bandmate since the band's 2012 tour. However, given Stapp's troubles, Tremonti has made an effort to reach out to Stapp, but unfortunately he hasn't been able to get in contact with him.

Stapp has apparently hit rock bottom, as he recently confessed that he's "completely penniless" and has either been living in a truck or a Holiday Inn over the past several weeks. The singer claims his bank accounts have been frozen, among other accusations against governmental agencies. Stapp testimonial came shortly after he had been slapped with divorce papers by his estranged wife Jaclyn, who claims the singer has been using various drugs like crystal meth and steroids, as well as sending her bizarre text messages.

Tremonti, who is also the guitarist in Alter Bridge and the frontman of his own solo band, hasn't been secretive of his strained relationship with Stapp. However, he took to his Facebook page to let fans know he's making every effort to contact Stapp during this difficult time. Late Thursday night, Tremonti wrote the following:

I know everyone is very worried about Scott, I am as well. I tried reaching out but didn't have any success. I will keep trying but I think it would be best to keep such personal matters off social media.

Stay tuned for more news on Scott Stapp as it develops.

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